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enable journaling to fix broken Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant got you down? Tells you that you have to apply updates to the system in order to partition the drive? Baloney! Just open up Disk Utility, click on the partition, then go to the File menu and choose “Enable Journaling”. Boot Camp Assistant is now happy. Or maybe it’s not. But you […]

Those darn Koreans

Problem: My Thunderbird doesn’t display Korean subject lines right! Even with the right font encoding settings and everything! Solution: Quit tbird. Control-click and open Package contents. Go into Resources. Rename en.lproj -> ko.lproj. Relaunch. Same for Russky yazik: ru.lproj. Etc Works for firefox too, but you probably have to do this after every update.  Booo!! […]

Enable screen sharing from the command line in Leopard

You made yourself an account.  You enabled SSH access.  Whoops, you forgot to turn on screen sharing before you went far, far away.  Don’t worry, this will do the trick: In Summary: $ cd /Library/Preferences $ echo -n enabled >

I h8 Norton and Symantec and I wish they would get totally baleeted

off of my Macintosh.  I mean really I hate it and don’t want a trace of it left. Okay.

unknown RPC error got you down?

In Mac OS X 10.4, you’re getting an “unknown RPC error -xxxxx” when you run aklog to get a token?  Dang! Get a nice clean copy of /etc/krb5.conf and replace the one on the machine that’s not working.  You might as well copy it to /Library/Preferences/ while you’re at it, too.  Just to make sure […]

enhanced driver for bootcamp and the multitouch all one button trackpad

No, I did not make that up.  It’s a real thing, according to Berger (name has been changed to protect the innocent): Here’s the enhanced driver for boot camp and the multitouch all one button trackpad: Yay! And that is all.

Terminal Server Client – can’t get out of fullscreen?

In Ubuntu 8.10, you’ve used the Terminal Server Client to connect via VNC to another computer.  Rad!  Whoops, I’m in full screen and can’t get out. You’ll scour the internets, and people will yell at you to use “Ctrl-Alt-Enter”.  With some finagling that works… if you’re connected via RDP.  Of course, you’ll need to go […]

Want to know if you’re infected with Conficker?

Our friends at have posted the chart below.  Joe Stewart from is apparently responsible for this excellent detector.

Did Word corrupt your Word doc?

You’re working in Word 2004 on your Mac.  Lalalalala.  Save.  Open.  Spinning Beachball.  Force Quit.  “Word can try and recover your horribly corrupted document, yes or no?”  No matter what you do, which computer you attempt to open the document on, everything is broken.  Doh! I know, I’ll open the doc in Office on Windows, […]

add/remove “eject” icon to/from your menu bar

Open and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras.  Double-click on the “” file.  Look, you’ve now got an eject icon in your menu bar!  This can be useful if you use a keyboard that doesn’t have an eject button.  To get rid of it, hold down the Apple (Command) key and drag the icon out of […]

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